actually it's 40d yang now
Saturday, May 2, 2009
  messing around with the print module

still waiting on tax monies to pick up a 40d. i think this summer and next year will present some fun shooting opportunities.

so, some notes to self: i did the color balance by white balancing for incandescent, which gave the background that blue color cast since daylight is much cooler (or hotter). then i knocked back the red channel hue to get the skin tone i wanted. attempted some eye retouching, but i couldn't get it to look good (just looked like alien eyes.. think goa'uld infestation eye glow). need to figure out how to work neat image noise reduction (or even just lightroom noise reduction). print module tutorial is on dps -- look up 'triptych'. it's fairly limiting though, so i need to figure out how to do it in ps.

and yes i think the identity plate looks cool. you can make fun of me if you like.. all two of you who read this blog

edit: alright fine the identity plate is ridiculous. i just wanted to pretend i was a pro for a second.. it'll never happen again, i swear
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