actually it's 40d yang now
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
  getting lazier

and/or busier =P

Saturday, September 20, 2008

i helped paint janice and keefe's new house on friday. it's really nice! once it's all cleaned up and stuff, it'll be beautiful. can't wait til i have my own house someday.

Friday, September 19, 2008

byrd, originally uploaded by sc_yang.

so i cheated with the HSL curves to bring out the color in the sky. originally i had intended for this to be a wide angle shot, but after playing with the crop tool for a bit i decided i liked the detail i got from lowering the iso, and went for a bigger crop.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

thought this was more dramatic when placed smack in the middle of the frame

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
  no shot tonight

doing something _infinitely_ better.. [/sarcasm]
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

barbed, originally uploaded by sc_yang.

i was thinking of a pow camp in siberia or something when i shot this, so naturally i made the color temp a little colder to reflect that.

Monday, September 15, 2008
  don't always need smoke for a..

kohls, originally uploaded by sc_yang.

i read something a while ago that said something to the effect of.. 'you don't have to travel for miles and miles to find good subject matter. just look (carefully) around you.' now, i'd feel conceited and arrogant if i said this were an example of that, but at least you can see that i'm trying. i thought it was an interesting angle, at least.

p.s: go to my flickr for pictures of my super ultra mega cute neice!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

thunder, originally uploaded by sc_yang.

roger is awesome. can't wait to play.

also, i am lazy.

edit: you know, i don't really like the shot. seems pretty mediocre, really. i'll have to try and figure out a way to make it actually say something.

Friday, September 12, 2008

entanglement, originally uploaded by sc_yang.

discovered the remote shooting function in the eos utility supplied with the bundled software. this is gonna be fun.

edit: these canalphones were awesome. they're now gone forever.. =( donated to housekeeper evonne

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
  best friends
Tuesday, September 9, 2008
  i didn't have internet in new york
in light of my complete failure to post for four days (in an hour, it'll be five), i figured i'd do one giant post for my whole ny trip. i probably owe ed enough food for a week.

anyways, here we are on the bolt bus. due to my incompetence we had to forgo the metro (i got there late, the next train wasn't going to be there for another 20 minutes) and pedal like mad to the bus stop. this bus had AC outlets and wireless. it was awesome. the bus we took back even had leather seats. i think we're talking about the beauty pageant that kang went to.

i watched tengen toppa gurren lagaan instead of studying for the gre. =P

we arrive in NY and take the subway to lei's place in astoria. bad idea, we should've stayed with jamie. it was fun hanging out with lei though. the subway station was _hot_. it was like they had heaters going full blast.

arriving at lei's. if you look closely, you can see a happy face of sweat on eugene's shirt.

we decide to eat at congee village. they had some really good congee. the waiter was really rude though. he spit in my face (not intentionally) and was just generally very cold. while he was walking over to us, he noticed some guy's wallet on the floor and said 'you dropped your wallet' and kept on walking without missing a beat. we thought that was funny. later i dropped one of the soup spoons and the handle broke.. i think he nearly had an aneurysm when he saw that. we thought he might come over and say 'you dropped your spoon'.
(btw--didn't really like this shot; i thought there were too many competing focal points. that's why it's here and not on my flickr.)
there was a TV in the taxi! and credit card payment! amazing.

so afterwards we went to the guggenheim. it was full of penises. no joke. and herpes. they wouldn't let me take any pictures because it was so disgusting. just ask lei. eugene was like, 'it's funny cause at first you look at the thing and it's like, 'oh, ha ha, it looks like a penis.' but then you get closer and read the description and you realize it's actually a penis!'

one of the shots i managed to get off before they yelled at me. these are supposed to be people, apparently. whatever.

the cloning tool in photoshop totally rocks. there was a fat man standing behind eugene.. totally gone. can't even see that he was ever there. left to right: me, tracey, lei, kang, tommy, jamie, eugene. this really nice woman with L-glass took this shot.. i was half tempted to ask if we could swap lenses for a bit.

afterwards we went to eat at this cozy little noodle place. they had lots of tempura, whatever that was. and you sat at a bar and watched them cook your food. and if you wanted more food, you just asked the cook for more food, and he cooked it for you. it was brilliant.

yeah yeah, it's out of focus. bite me. the composition was good.

went to this nice little bubble tea place. hazelnut bubbletea.. pretty good.

we find another one for the good taste album. we got pretty excited when we saw this.

so then we walked around for another hour or so until we meeting up for kareoke. i have no shots of this b/c i was too busy singing (my heart out). kang has one though, so i'll steal it. i think this was 'say it ain't so'. other memorable tunes of the night.. yellow, by coldplay; take a bow, by madonna; ladies night (that was a solo performance by yours truly). i also tried to do sexual healing by marvin gaye. the girls just gave me dirty looks. lei is fun when she's drunk.

so that was saturday. definitely a day to remember. it rained like no other. i evantually bought a $15 umbrella out of frustration, and ended up giving it to lei b/c i couldn't carry it back. i need to learn how to pack lighter.


we get back at 2am. we wake up at 4am. awesome.

here we are at the start. at 6:30am. there were a lot of people.

i didn't get any _fantastic_ shots b/c.. well, i was too busy taking it in. riding through manhattan was awesome. you haven't experienced times square until you've ridden through it on a bike.

brooklyn bridge.

i stopped taking pictures b/c i was too busy trying to not get owned. didn't get any til we got to queens.

my knee gave out around here. we finish up, take the bus back, and bike back to eugene's. along the way, i manage to get this shot before my battery also gave out.

ah yes. washington penis.
Saturday, September 6, 2008
  boh-kaaay.. again

i'm tired and i thought this looked cool. apparently the number of vertices of the points of light are characteristic of each lens.
Thursday, September 4, 2008

you find graffiti in the strangest places. this was actually on some kind of.. metal stump, next to a lamppost. an odd place to profess one's love. i wonder if she ever found out.

tried to shoot the chapel today.. too much contrast. i need to figure out this HDR business. also i need a tripod.

f/1.8 is certainly unwieldy at times. i'll have to learn how to control its isolation powers. when it blurs.. it blurs. a lot. i thought it did a nice job of isolating the intended focal point here, though.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

everyone loves babies. everyone takes good pictures with babies. esp girls.. they all have that motherly aura when they get near a baby. esp the ones that really want one. the next time you see one with a baby, look closely. you can see her uterus glowing.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
  and the night shots continue

ah yes, jim henson. immortalized permenantly in conversation with kermit. night shots always seem surreal b/c the camera gathers all that light that your eyes.. don't.

anyways, cheated with HSL to bring out the green in the trees and deepen the color of the sky. also added a bit of fill light and recovery to lessen the glare of the highlights and bring out the underexposed regions. ah, raw.. you bring out the best in my shots.

i really, really want a tripod. or a monopod.
Monday, September 1, 2008
  alumni center
recently discovered HSL (hue, saturation, luminance).. and all i can say is, RAW is AWESOME. no other way i could get these colors to look so nice. (well, they look nice to me..) i like the angle of the shot. it leads my eyes up the staircase.. it's kind of suspensful, b/c it's like.. what's around the corner? you'll never know.

as always, shooting at night is very soothing. except for the occasional group of hooligans.

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