actually it's 40d yang now
Monday, April 6, 2009
  the sensor is the only redeeming quality about this camera
so ed has graciously loaned me his d40 so i can continue feeding my photography addiction despite my stupidity.. which we won't get into because it pains me to think about it. anyways, it takes great pictures.. and that's about it. this camera is so absurdly tiny and cramped. it needs a grip (nikon doesn't even make one.. you have to get the one targus makes) and a decent midrange zoom (i'd go with the 24-70) to flesh it out. the shutter release sounds papery and.. unsatisfying. and in manual mode, if you have a manual focus lens attached (like the one pictured) it doesn't show the light meter. the settings display in the viewfinder doesn't show you iso, and if you don't half-press the shutter, the main display is annoyingly on all the time (unless you turn it off.. in which case you have to press a button to see your settings.) you have to go into menus to get to a lot of the settings. and AF only works with certain lenses.

but.. and this is a big but.. it does have a great sensor.. which pretty much makes it all okay. kind of.
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