actually it's 40d yang now
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
  lighting workshop, and i rented a 40d

initial 40d impressions: as predicted, this camera is pure sex. the grip is delicious. the shutter release is tactile, firm, and very pleasant. 17 shot raw buffer is very usable. the noise at 1600 is very subtle. also, THREE CUSTOM PRESETS.

[minor annoyance: i'm not used to looking at the top display for settings. i want the main screen to display settings all the time.. it does this if you press 'info' several times but then it goes away after you go into image review and never comes back. :( ]

anyways there were cool lights and a backdrop to play with at photo club. the lights were triggered by a photosensor on the apparatus itself, so you could fire them with your builtin (turned all the way down, of course.) also, note to self-check out spotlighting effect by firing a strobe into not-fully-extended umbrella. i believe it was called short-side lighting.
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