actually it's 40d yang now
Monday, January 12, 2009
  it's so beautiful

yes, friends, the day has finally arrived. $800 of 17-55mm, constant f/2.8, image stabilized, ultrasonic-motor-focusing goodness. unfortunately i am cooped up indoors trying to study for the mcat, so this guy probably won't see much action until diem's wedding. however, i've taken a few shots for fun. here is how my face looks right now:

Hello! I need your aid and the one all.
Together we can make a change.
I invite to you to visit my page Web:

Thank you very much

That you have a great day

ugh, not more... dude man. guys licking gadgets/gear is just straight up creepy.

girls, too, but only once you abstract the subject up a level.
i was about to delete the comment from 'titi' but then i read it and it was kind of amusing so i'm going to leave it there

and i'm going to lick everything over $500
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