actually it's 40d yang now
Thursday, September 4, 2008

you find graffiti in the strangest places. this was actually on some kind of.. metal stump, next to a lamppost. an odd place to profess one's love. i wonder if she ever found out.

tried to shoot the chapel today.. too much contrast. i need to figure out this HDR business. also i need a tripod.

f/1.8 is certainly unwieldy at times. i'll have to learn how to control its isolation powers. when it blurs.. it blurs. a lot. i thought it did a nice job of isolating the intended focal point here, though.

I think you could've gotten away with a higher angle. i think the transition from focus to blurred is a little too abrupt with this angle from the surface--particularly in the foreground. it almost looks artificial

I do rather like the subject matter...there's a lot of 'story' emanating from it.
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