actually it's 40d yang now
Monday, August 25, 2008
  words cannot prepare you for the awesomeness

okay i'm gonna cheat and edit the date for monday.. but let it be known that i do indeed owe ed another lunch. sigh.
anyways, nothing special or technical today.. in fact, it's a little out of focus/shaky (was shooting with the kit) but the sheer awesomeness of an optimus prime potatohead makes up for it all.

so today was the first week of small groups. rode with keefe to dapooh's house in his scooby. at one point we got to talking about his turbo, and the torque band on his engine. i didn't believe him when he said peak torque was at 3k rpm, so he put his foot down (in THIRD)... i have never felt so much acceleration in my life. i expected it to push me back for like a second, and then he'd have to shift. but no. there was torque everywhere. it was ridiculous. from like 3k to 6.5 (i think that was the redline) i was eaten by the soft leather of his very nice seats. just thinking about it gives me goosepimples. uguugughghgogogoog.

i was expecting bible study (i think that's next week) and was surprised to find that we were going to be frying things in cake batter. CAKE BATTER. there was beef. and sausages. and green beans. and mushrooms. and pizza. fried in cake batter. at one point i ate a peanut-butter-and-ham sandwich.. fried in cake batter. my intestines are so mad at me.

FRISBEE TOMORROWWWW--i want to sit out part of the game so i can get some shots in but i'm not sure i'll want to once i start running around.
:) my car has the same type of torque curve except it engaged around 2500rpm all the way till 5500rpm

its just a plateau all the way through that rpm range.
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