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Saturday, August 30, 2008
  when you don't want to go home
i think it was getting close to 3am when i took this. saw the lights and the glow from the fog and i thought, man.. that's gorgeous. i should've lowered the ISO, since i would be shooting long exposures anyway--you can clearly see the noise in the sky. tried a couple different angles to get this scene.. there are two more shots on my photostream. suffice to say, i really wish i had a tripod. i think i'd just keep it in my car. the white balance for this shot was also a little frustrating. i wanted to capture the warmth of the scene, but when i uploaded it, it looked too warm and too green. finally settled for using the neutral picker on the fringes of the lamp, and adjusting the tint a tiny bit towards the purple. i guess it's okay. i also realize i've been using grayscale as a crutch sometimes.. when i'm too lazy to try and make the colors cooperate. it's so easy.. one click, problem solved.

i love hunting for subject matter. especially at night. i love fiddling with the settings, sitting there alone with the crickets chirping. it was very serene there. i kinda felt like a sniper. don't judge me.
i'm not a big fan of the two streetlights... i think they distract from the perspective and lines that lead to that fantastic, ethereal-but-also-kinda-spooky colored haze in the distance. at the same time, though, it's a pretty accurate effect of (at least to me) when you're out at 3am, and the glare of bright lights becomes particularly piercing and painful.

now what'd be cool... and from what i know of sensor tech, i think it'd be possible... per-pixel variable sensitivity on the sensor. imagine being able to have different ISOs on different regions of the sensor (down to the individual pixel, but i imagine in practice, you'd only need an interface for affecting larger regions).

cant you kind of do that by taking a bunch of pictures at different sensitivity and then melding them together?

I don't know how the rest of the picture would look, but it would look nice if you could see the lamp posts w/o the giant orbs of light
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