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Saturday, August 23, 2008
  rebel buddies

went to YAM (young adult's ministry) and i discovered a wonderful thing. juno's into photography too! he's got a rebel XTi. (aka 400D) i love meeting people who are interested in the same stuff i am. you just connect instantly without the need to go through the motions or anything. it's on an entirely different level with juno though. those of you who know him will understand why..

i felt so liberated to get out my camera and start shooting everyone. it was cool cause we were both walking around, trying to get the best angles for shots. shooting the same thing, but from different angles. i really want to compare shots and see what he was thinking of the scene, and how he wanted to shoot it.

i'm really excited for terrapin photography club. hopefully the folks there will be cool and not pretentious.

(cookout tomorrow! w000000000t i'm bringing baby back ribs. should be great fun)
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