actually it's 40d yang now
Monday, August 18, 2008

i've always wanted to play piano. more recently, a pretty nice keyboard has made its way into my living room. i need to get a good book and start learning me some music theory.

in this shot is my friend kevin kahn playing his $3000 roland. don't know anything about pianos, but that's got to be one high-end instrument. i've always been afraid of being a dilettante (dabbler)--if there's anything i want, it's to be super good at whatever i do. so i fear i'll have to give up something i'm interested in if i want to pursue piano. =(

we played this cool board game today called order of the stick. it's based on this webcomic: the skills were really funny. i was playing the thief dude--he had some pretty funny ones, like 'verbal abuse', which is a ranged attack, and 'schadenfreude', which heals you when your partymates get hurt.
diletttante sure sounds familiar

wish I could incorporate what I learned today into my comment composition
that is some absurdly narrow depth of field.

i think it appropriate if we switch blog names. and cameras (
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