actually it's 40d yang now
Sunday, August 24, 2008
  one day i'll get me a man's best friend

that's holly, alan's wonderful obedient affectionate lovely dog. she was so cute.. we left some cheeseburgers on a low coffee table, and she didn't try to eat them at all (well.. with some prompting) and she was lying there all contented while we shouted at each other over starcraft units. it was a lot of fun; i really hope we get together again.

also, i made baby back ribs for everyone. i think they liked them, which is good. i'll have to experiment with different braising liquids and dry rubs.
here they are in their deep-mahogany-seared glory.

applying the dry rub.

ingredients for dry rub.. brown sugar, chili powder, onion powder, black pepper, salt, rubbed thyme.. in 8:3:1:1 ratio
my mouth waters at the memory
also, what's the diff between underexposed and just... dim/dark? wouldnt there be instances where you'd _want_ the brightness low for a certain effect? not to pull the "oh, that was on purpose" excuse (since it wasn't. i just have a huge aversion to high ISO from my last camera), but when i look at your shots, my eyes don't remember alan's basement being that brightly lit.
i'm sure there'd be some information loss if the shot is underexposed, and one could just lower the brightness in postprocessing without that loss... or would there be loss in the end anyway?
it definitely looks a lot better after you cut them
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