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Thursday, August 21, 2008
  a new season
well, didn't get to shoot anything interesting today. had to get up at friggin 7am to get my knee checked out (still no word) and didn't bring my camera with me. this is one of the shots from the night i went to teens group with bernard. actually it's the only shot that i took that night that turned out well. bernard took a whole host of other shots that were much better.. can't post them b/c they're not mine, but hopefully he will once i get them to him.

anyways i told myself i'd post a color shot, but i couldn't resist. this just works in grayscale. i honestly think i'm going to grayscale any shots that don't have outstanding color in them. i also keep telling myself to shoot with narrower apertures to get some of the background in focus, but the lighting was so poor i had to crank it wide open.

bernard's giving his resignation speech in that shot. i don't know how much he would be comfortable with me disclosing here.. but suffice to say, it's a new season for a lot of us. william's back, trying to finish school. bernard's trying to go to seminary; he's gonna have a kid. my mom and rex are talking about getting married. alyssa is moving to a new job; she's in a new place; her sister's off to college. janice and keefe are fricken married!!.. i'm trying to graduate and get into grad school (i really need to study for that stupid GRE).. i can't wait til i get on my own. thinking about living with jamie in NY.

i'm pretty freakin excited that ed got his d40. now he can finally live up to his blog's name, ha. we're gonna have a cookout soon, so we should both have some good shots of that. can't wait.
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