actually it's 40d yang now
Sunday, August 31, 2008
  my neighbors think i'm crazy

i implore you to look at a larger version of this shot. please. you can't appreciate how hard i worked to get this in focus until you do. also, you can see more stars.

i really love the look of night shots. they're hard as hell.. which makes them that much more rewarding. no AF, live view is worthless, and i have no tripod, so i have to improvise a stable base.. then i had to set the mirror lockup to eliminate any camera shake. took a freakin hour and a half.. but i got it. i like the look of the green and the purplish tint from the sky.

neighbors came out and asked what the hell i was doing on the top of my car with a computer and a giant stack of books and a camera. they must think i'm trying to shoot into their windows and hack into their internet connections or something. aside from them, though, it's real peaceful out here. i like.
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