actually it's 40d yang now
Saturday, August 16, 2008
  in which we feast and settle

crab feast-1, originally uploaded by sc_yang.

it's not obvious from the photo, but steven's cutting off william's road that he worked.. well, waited quite a long time for. steven won, of course... but not after some not-at-all-hidden collusion from the rest of the incredulous players (i think the most any of us had was 3 points and he had 9 when we decided to forgo fair play.)

outdoor shots in bright sunlight--a lot more challenging than i anticipated. i think 90% of my shots had a background blasted into overexposed oblivion, with the intended subject barely even visible. tried using flash and spot metering to compensate, but i think i got a few good ones from evaluative as well. stopping down the aperture also helps.

on another note, i've finally replaced my rear suspension. the ride is sweeeeet.


Your camera takes such sharp pictures. I like it so much.
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