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Friday, August 15, 2008
i've decided to make a photo blog. every real photographer has to have a photo blog, right? i need some kind of outlet to express my frustations and record my growth as a photographer.

i recently broke up with my girlfriend of four years. i won't bore you with the details (this is supposed to be a photo blog) but i find photography very therapeutic. that, and the strokes' 'room on fire' album. when you're trying to compose the shot, find the right exposure, all that.. you just forget about everything. it's the only thing that i can do nowadays that reminds me the least of her. (cooking, drumming, biking... they've all been compromised.)

right, well, on with the photos. i figured i would just comment on a few of my favorite shots from a recent photo adventure i took to ikea after work one day.

this is my favorite shot of the whole set.. just b/c i love the subject matter. i hope one day my kitchen is as nice as this one. i like the splash of green from the plant on the table, and the speck of blue from the bowl on the stovetop. the only gripe i have is that i should've gotten lower--tabletop-height for this shot.
here's another shot that i thought the colors looked nice in. i intended for the main focal point to be that bucket of grass.. or green sticks, whatever. i liked the perpendicular lines of the wall tiles and the utensils.. and i think i'm getting better at keeping the horizon level. didn't have to do much post-processing for this shot.

speaking of focal points.. how are you supposed to select a focal point when you do landscape shots? seems as if everything in the shot would be competing with one another for attention.. and yet i see so many wonderful landscapes. does the whole 'fill your frame, select one major focal point' rule not apply for landscape shots?

this is the last shot i'd show to people expecting some praise. i had originally thought that some straightening was required to make the ceiling beams level, but my friend ed told me that the crookedness makes the shot more dramatic. i can kinda see that, but i'm not sure if i agree. in any case, i like the colors in this one again--it's almost monochromatic, except for the tinges of blue and the red exit sign.

hopefully i'll get some readers soon. i guess for now this will just serve as a record of my adventures. i've got to get out of maryland.

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