actually it's 40d yang now
Saturday, August 30, 2008
  hack job

in an effort to prepare ourselves for the great automotive challenge that will be lemons, we decided to mount a rear sway bar from an integra ($30) using end links from a civic si (another $30, each) onto a civic ex. at least, that's what we told ourselves. ran into the requisite hitches--i think the linkage really all depends on how long the ball joints on the endlinks will last, since they're at a pretty large angle from the normal. also, the control arms were really far from the bar when we were linking them up.. i suspect this just means we just added a lot of spring rate to the rear. which is apparently where you need it in a fwd.

can't wait for that miata.
aw man, did we really need to make that public knowledge?
also i dont think it does anything to the spring rate... not enough bar to. most likely it's nothing until i get closer to my max roll angle--after all the slack in the linkages takes up. then it might have a little bit of effect...
wait..where are you getting all these cars from?!
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