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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
  frisbee is too much fun i have to dig into old shots. i don't really understand why no one liked this shot very much. or this one, for that matter.

i thought they showed nice parallelism, with the guitars and jerseys. can anyone tell me how they would improve these shots?

note to self: dont' eat before frisbee.
okay fine ill not _just_ rag on your obsession with bokeh and b/w (which, if one looks at flickr much, seems like the cheap, cliched way to make everything artsy-fartsy).

i do think the second shot mightve benefited with some color. there's parallelism in the posture of the two disgusted fans, but there's a stronger parallelism in the coloration of their jerseys, and most of that is lost in the b/w. background noise might be an issue, but then again you have a healthy amount of bokeh to help counter that.

no clue about that first shot, though... my eyes have no idea where to go. big shapes, small shapes, dark shapes, bright shapes, various things in/out of focus... just a lot of visual features and not many that distinguish themselves enough from the pack. The guitars _could_ bring things together, but they're somehow just not strong enough an element.
i thought the second shot was good, but i agree with ed's comment on the color, can you upload the color version for comparison?
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