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Friday, August 22, 2008
  call me a narcissist
the thing about being the only one with a decent camera in your group of friends (cough ed cough) is that you never get any shots of yourself. not to say that's horribly disappointing or anything, but hey, if you're taking flattering shots of everyone else, you start to think.. 'sure wish someone would take nice pictures of _me_..'

well, i got my wish (i think). clarence grabbed a hold of my camera and whirled around with the shutter depressed. he was too close to everyone, and since the only lens i brought was my 50mm telephoto, he got mostly blurry noses and stuff. but one of them came out pretty nicely focused.

the eyes are such an important and revealing part about anyone's face. i would go so far as to claim they're the _most_ important part. i mean, i think you can tell pretty easily that i'm smiling my cheeks off here. (it was a fun night =D) lei had on some mascara, and it really made her eyes look really nice. (don't have photo proof.) i think i'll try to take some more shots of eyes to further corroborate this.

no more shots of me, promise. also, note to self.. bring kit lens on group outings.

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